Fill boxes to capacity.  Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse or tip over while stored.

Pack books and documents flat to protect splines.  Use small boxes to avoid cartons that are too heavy to move easily.

Individually wrap glassware, nest cups/bowls, stand plates/platters, fill with paper or peanuts.  Stack on top level to avoid breakage.

Mirrors, windows, screens are best stored on edge not flat. 

Wrap all glass well.

Pack lamp shades in blank paper along with other property that may be ink stained from newsprint.

Label your cartons and goods. 

This will make accessing items much easier.

Never store hazardous/toxic, flammable liquids or gases, or any form of combustibles!  Never store food items!

Stand sofas/mattresses on end. Disassemble beds/tables.  Wrap legs.  Place light plastic dust covers or sheets over furniture.

Clean appliances well. Defrost freezers, drain wash bowls. Remove doors/store separately.  Drain all fuel from gas motors (mowers).

Wipe a few drops of oil on bicycles and metal tools to prevent rusting.  Store away from furniture to avoid oil staining.

Wardrobe boxes allow you to store clothes on hangers, with shoes in the bottom of box.  Place folded clothes in boxes or drawers.

Put pallets or a grid of 2x3’s on the floor to give air circulation under goods.  Leave an aisle to the rear of unit.  Don’t overpack unit!