Always store your goods with a member of the

Texas Self Storage Association.


You alone are responsible for providing insurance on your property.  Ask an agent about homeowners coverage or purchase rental policy

Remember to give at least 10 days written notice before you plan to move out.  Take everything, sweep clean and remove lock.

If you want friends or family to use your storage space, you must list them under access rights on the rental agreement.

Visit your space occasionally to check on the condition of your possessions.  Report any concerns immediately!

Quality Keepers requires all tenants to use a

disc padlock to secure the units.

Never store hazardous/toxic, flammable liquids or gases, or any form of combustibles!  Propane tanks, old paint, etc. are not allowed

Be sure everything you store is dry, as dampness may cause mildew.  Any moisture is bad for virtually all property or goods.

Never store any form of food items - perishable or nonperishable.  Never store pet food or animal feed 

Pay your rent in a timely manner to avoid late charges or ultimately the sale of your goods through Texas Property Code Chapter 59.